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Benefits of Cupping

  1. It helps in causing tissues to release toxins
  2. Activate the lymphatic system
  3. To clean delicate and big arteries and activate the blood circulation.
  4. To clean lymphatic knots and veins, mainly in the foot, that spread all over the body to relieve it from the residuals of medications at once
  5. To activate and stimulate reaction positions of internal body systems in the body (reflex zones) in order to increase the brain attention to the injured organ and give appropriate orders to the body to take the necessary measures
  6. To clean paths of energy, this aids to strengthen the vitality of The body – a method discovered by Chinese and Japanese more than 5000years ago
  7. To suck medical remains of mixtures and toxics from the body that exist in blood gatherings between the skin and the muscles as well as other places in the body such as the gout disease in which uric acid crystals are taken away from between the joints with a simple blood congestion created by a slight scratch on the skin.
  8. To make blood gatherings in some areas that need extra blood or have a deficiency in the blood circulation (partial stimulation of the blood circulation).
  9. To strengthen the general immunity of the body by activating Immunity glands, particularly the thymus gland that lies at the back on the chest fourth vertebra.
  10. To regulate hormones – particularly in the seventh vertebra of the neck.
  11. To handle the psychological side through the seventh vertebra of the neck, the fifth lumbar vertebra, the gall bladder knot on the end of the right side that regulates the system responsible for nervousness, anger, sadness, depression, reactions, cruelty and carelessness – a situation that improves the patient's psychology, leads to a quick body response to drugs and helps the doctor to easily cure the disease with God willing.
  12. To relieve the tension on the nerves which sometimes occur due to the congestion of the blood vessels that presses on the nerves, mainly in the head causing headache.
  13. To move out some gatherings, mixtures and causes of pain of Unknown source – still a mystery to modern medicine – that led to establish pain clinics, especially in France , and currently hold courses in pain clinics in Egypt .
  14. To suck blood gatherings outside the body. This releases the prostaglandin substance from the injured cell when it explodes and arouses pain in the body. Here lies the secret of getting rid of many pains immediately after the cupping.
  15. One secret of cortisone is its ability to disenable the pain from controlling the cell and causing its explosion that releases the prostaglandin substance to finally make it disappear. Hence, they call cortisone the medical magician. Yet, the non-explosion of the injured cells is against the body nature and causes many side effects. On the other hand, cupping relieves the body of harmful wastes with no effects.
  16. Cupping sucks the extra acids in the body (a German research) Which maximizes the red blood cells, increases blood intensity and leads to deficiency in the blood circulation that stops the regularity of blood in the cells.
  17. Cupping increases the percentage of cortisone in blood.
  18. Cupping decreases the percentage of harmful cholesterol (LDL) in blood and Increases the ratio of useful cholesterol in blood (HDL).
  19. Cupping raises the ratio of natural morphine (ENDORBHINS) in the body and leads to countless benefits. Hence, it is necessary for anyone having any useful research on cupping to present it to benefit people as God says (co-operate on charity and piety).