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  • Wan Salwa Hassan
    • Female 49 years Research Officer Kuala Lumpur
      I have been suffering from regular migraine attacks since 1978. Symptoms include headache just above one eye which move to one side of the head, seeing flashes of light, nausea and vomiting. After each attack all I want to do is rest by lying down in a quiet dark room. I took the usual drugs to reduce the migraine symptoms but it was not a cure. I had to depend on drugs almost every month like most migraine sufferers. In 2000 I was introduced to blood cupping and its benefits. After a total of 5 weekly cupping sessions on the top of my head (point number 1) I had no more migraine attacks (except the rare occasion) until now. Cupping was performed without shaving my hair with some difficulty but there was no more migraine attack and life is more enjoyable.
      Blood cupping cleans-up the blockages of blood vessels caused by blood stasis and relieves pressure in the brain which contribute to migraine headache. Other parts on the head can be cupped if point number 1 does not provide satisfactory relieve. From experience with other patients with migraine, blood cupping is a truly effective treatment for this ailment.

  • Mohd Hashim Shaari
    • Male 49 years Engineer Kuala Lumpur In June 2005 I experience continuous pain on my back near my right shoulder which spread to my upper right arm. Visit to my regular GP who prescribed muscle relaxant and pain killers did not provide any relieve. After several unsuccessful visits to my GP I consulted an orthopaedic surgeon from Glen Eagles Medical centre, Kuala Lumpur. An X-ray of my neck and backbone revealed cervical spondylosis (no cure) whereby some parts of my protective cervical joint cartilage were worn off and causing cervical bones to press against adjacent nerves and thus the pain that I felt. Further test using MRI scan confirmed the diagnosis which if left untreated could lead to paralysis of my right arm. As surgery was too dangerous , the only treatment available was physiotherapy which comprise traction whereby both legs and head/neck area were fastened with belt slings and my body was stretched apart using a machine exerting 30 kg force and TENS treatment which is a devise that release minute varying electrical impulse resulting in relaxation of muscle spasm or contraction. The physiotherapy treatment continued for 3 months coupled with drugs and wearing of a neck brace. After 2 months physiotherapy was stopped I began to feel pain on my shoulder which was a recurrence of my previous condition. As I did not relish the thought of going for physiotherapy again, I decided to go for blood cupping at points no. 7 and 9 which to my surprise produced a lot of blood stasis, the most I have seen in 5 years of cupping on my body. I continued cupping for 2 more times and since then the pain has almost disappeared. I do feel slight pain on my shoulder every few months which is relieved by cupping therapy
      Again blood cupping has proven its effectiveness in treating an incurable ailment as it enhance blood supply to the shoulder area and cervical area thus relieving muscle spasm or contraction

  • Hanisah Mohd Noor
    • Female 19 years Student Ipoh, Malaysia
      In March 2005 I experienced pain when passing urine (brown colour) and a week later I saw blood in my urine. A visit to the district hospital was made whereby the doctor diagnosed urinary tract infection and prescribed antibiotics and potassium drink. A week later I felt severe pain in my bladder area and pass sand like substance with the urine whereby I was warded but test revealed no problem with my bladder. I was then referred to the gynaecologist who diagnosed bleeding from groin area due to rubbing against trousers and was again prescribed antibiotics. Later I was transferred to the Ipoh city hospital and X-ray did not show any problem and given antibiotics. However pain during urination and blood stained urine recurred and a new problem of difficulty to pass urine started. I was admitted to another district hospital whereby I was prescribed some drugs and taught how to perform self-catheterisation. This procedure require that I insert a plastic tube into my urinary bladder to promote urination. However this was not a practical solution as it was painful to do so and it could lead to an infection. I was next transferred by my parents to a private hospital (Pantai Puteri) in Ipoh city and I was examined by a urologist who inform there was nothing wrong with my kidney and urinary system. However upon reviewing my X-rays he discovered that I had impacted stools in my colon due to prolonged constipation. This was due to the fact that I had no feeling of the urge to pass motion. The impacted stools was removed from my colon and a colonoscopy performed by a colorectal specialist who informed that there was no problem with my colon. However the problem of urine retention and impacted stool remain. At this point I was already suffering for six months and I was introduced to blood cupping and pure salt therapy. After three sessions of blood cupping at points no. 3, 51, 14 and 8 coupled with Shin Gum pure salt intake and colon massage I was cured of my problems. My urine flows freely and I have no more constipation. Sad to say none of the doctors and specialist from three government and one private hospital who examined me could diagnose what was the problem. However thanks to Cupping and Shin Gum Pure Salt therapy I can now live a normal healthy life again.
      Above treatment indicates the power of Cupping and Shin Gum Pure Salt to treat urine retention and constipation. Blood cupping improves blood circulation to the sphincter (ring) muscle of urinary bladder as well as the colon and promote its contraction and subsequent release of urine and stools. Pure salt also has the same effect of stimulating the contraction of the bladder and colon thus facilitating expulsion of urine and stool Other effects of pure salt is to contract muscles and blood vessels in the body which is useful for treatment of muscle cramps, high blood pressure and high cholestrol.

  • Siti Ruhaiyu binti Jamaluddin
    • Female 33 years Business woman Klang Saudi
      I have been experiencing severe sinus problems, migraine headache and hypertension. Symptoms include blocked stuffy and running nose, itch all over my face, allergic reaction to certain food and environment, headache since childhood which got worse after becoming a mother, low blood pressure, monthly period pain, dark ring around the eyes, tired eyes, poor vision and concentration and lethargy. Had been taking medications for sinus, allergy, migraine , painkillers and antibiotics for years but never got cured and constantly feeling drowsy. After undergoing blood cupping at various points on my body and consuming pure salt, distilled water and taking herbs my symptoms gradually reduced and I am continuing with the treatment to ensure the symptoms will not reappear.
      Here again we have another case where long suffering patients got much relieve from cupping and pure salt therapy whose combine powermakes the treatment more effective even for longstanding sinus and migraine headache.

  • Mohd Salleh Bin Hj Md Yasin
    • Male 59 years Retired Teacher Ampang - Dubai
      I have been suffering from rigidness in shoulder, neck and upper back almost everyday for several years now.. I’ve also been suffering from very severe constipation and cases of swollen feet (due to ruptured Achilles tendon on both feet) usually after traveling long distances. I’ve resorted to treatment using the colon cleansing machine to help bowl junction every 3 or 4 days interval. The prolong period of pain had caused my mood and look on face to be blunted. Mobility of my limbs is limited and I also had difficulty with my speech at certain time especially early in the morning. Doctors performed angioplasty on me 2 years ago for damaged heart. In addition I was treated for Parkinson like symptoms and given Parkinson medications but have since stopped as my symptoms have not improved. They have since ruled out Parkinson or stroke. I was introduced to pure salt treatment and was treated with 5 sachets of pure salt plus 1.5 litres of distilled water ( which has to be consumed within half hour) to help reduced bowel function. I also drank 3 to 4 sachets of pure salt solution and drank at least 2 litres of distilled water daily to rid off rigidness in shoulder and neck. Blood cupping was also done at various points and tips of toes, fingers & both soles. After cupping a few points at different times and days, the swelling receded and the mobility of my limbs improved.
      This is a serious case of rigidness and immobility which cause the patient to become depressed due to dependence on other people. It is important to note that pure salt and blood cupping can help improve mobility and reduce rigidness by enhancing the nerve signal transmission in our muscles and remove blood stasis in our limbs.

  • Mohamed Said Bin Mustaffa
    • Male 34 years Admin Officer - Chenai
      Due to gout, I had to stop playing my favourite game badminton for almost 3 years as it worsen the pain in my feet. I was also suffering from hypertensions with on and off headache. My doctors prescribed me gout and hypertension medications but the symptoms continue to persist upon finishing the medication. I felt drowsy, lethargy and had difficulty in climbing stairs. Pins and needles sensation was constantly felt in my toes, soles of feet and heels when walking, standing or wearing shoes for too long. The pain was relieved by the pain killers and other medication prescribed by my doctor but it returned and got worse once the medication finishes. During this period, I had to avoid most of my favourite food which comprises of seafood, spicy, oily (deep fried) and rich with coconut milk. After I was introduced to blood cupping, I had blood cupping done over all tips of fingers and toes plus various points on my body. Immediately after blood cupping was done, hypertension and headache disappear. I was advised to drink lots of distilled water and consume less spicy food to help blood circulation after cupping. Herbal remedy for detoxification was also given to complement blood cupping. After a week of treatment, I was able to climb stairs without difficulty and most of all I can now enjoy playing badminton without pain.
      Again cupping therapy has proven its effectiveness against gout, hypertension and associated headache. One of the cupping points includepoint number 8 which is the kidney and liver point which help to detoxify your body and remove excessive uric acid in the blood.A simple yet effective remedy like cupping can really help those with gout and hypertension.

  • Mohd Kaiser/a>
    • Female 33 years - Hyderabad
      I have been experiencing sinuses since I was teenager and also severe pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS) every month. Symptoms include stomach cramps and painful belly before and during period. I recently developed acute case of migraine which worsened during my period (menses). This cause me to be lethargic and experience mood swings, hence making it difficult to do daily house chores. My eyes were also swollen and dark rings formed around them due to allergy to certain food and particles in the environment. I had consulted doctors but the prescribed medications did not improve my condition and cause difficulty in breathing and drowsiness. I then decided to look for alternative treatments and was introduced to blood cupping. Blood cupping was done on various points and on both palms. I also went for facial and body steaming done before each blood cupping sessions and massage for my sinus and migraine. During this period, I was given herbal remedies and was advised on a special diet to help boost my immune system and blood circulation. As a result, 5 days later, I felt better. I was no longer lethargic and my period and migraine pain were also gone. In addition, my skin complexion improved and was smooth and clear.